Visual Field Analysis (VFA)

This measures your peripheral (side) vision. You’ll stare at an object in the center of your line of vision. As you look at the target, you’ll note when you see an object moving into your field of vision or, depending on the test, when the lighted spot appears. This test lets the doctor know if conditions like stroke or glaucoma have hurt your vision.

To do this test, you will look into the center of a bowl-shaped instrument called a perimeter. The eye not being tested will be covered with a patch.

You will be asked to keep looking at a center target throughout the test. Small, dim lights will begin to appear in different places throughout the bowl, and you will press a button whenever you see a light. The machine tracks which light you did not see.

You may blink normally during the test. You may also pause the test if you feel you need to take a break for a moment.

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